Our menu is Prix fixe only  Friday and Saturday and features a total

of 6 courses for $69 per person. always seasonal &  local.




Grilled Skewers of veal marinated in aji panka, garlic, cumin,

oregano, grill potato, Peruvian corn, rocoto sauce

 causa de Baltimore 

crab,  red onion, celery, palm  purple potato , avocado and spicy sause

ahi tuna Tamal

Peruvian mashed corn,  aji  Amarillo, cilantro,  rocoto chutney

criollita mix green salad.

Ceviche Ahumado

Fresh fish, shrimp, smoked   Tigermilk, sweet potato, radish, 

red onion, cancha, cilantro, 


New Zeland lamb chop,  pachamanca potato, Fava BEans, uchucuta Rocoto an fresh cheese.

 Peruvian sampler desert

Tradicional quinoa with dulce de leche server with lucuma

  ice cream,  and berries and chocolate` mouse 

Wine or beer service charge (P/P) $  2..50

Pisco sour service Per glass $ 2..00

20% Service Charge will be added to parties of six(6) or more