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The Menu

focused on proteins from the land and sea, and seasonal vegetables complemented with

fruits, grains, seeds, and nuts. The menu is seasonal and changes 

Our team can accommodate certain food allergies and dietary restrictions

we have Vegetarian or Vegan options

24 hours in advance, but you may be unable to do it with less time.


Beginning spring 2024

When you dine at Puerto 511, you'll experience a


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

 5-course tasting menu at $55 per person



Grilled Skewers of veal marinated in aji panka, garlic, and cumin.

 oregano, grilled potato, Peruvian corn, rocoto sauce


Tamal de Quinoa

Quinoa tamal, ahi tuna, passion fruit glazed, pineapple chalaquita, and microgreens. 

Ceviche Arrocotado

Fresh slice fish, octopus, shrimp in rocoto tiger milk, red onion, lime

Sweet potato, choclo, cancha, cilantro


Lomito del Puerto

Ribeye sauté, red onion, tomato, mushroom, rustic fries, 

Sweet Plantain, served with rice.



    Guanabana ice cream, homemade, chocolate mousse, and Strawberries

       Friday and Saturday

          6 -courses tasting menu$ 69 per Person   



Grilled Skewers of Veal marinated in aji panka, garlic, and cumin.

 oregano, grilled potato, Peruvian corn, rocoto sauce

Ahi Tuna Tamal

Peruvian corn, ahi tuna, rocoto, apple chutney chalaquita, and microgreens.  


 Causa de Baltimore

Crab meat, hearth palm, Peruvian potato, aji amarillo, old bay mayo, botija sauce, avocado, beets.


Ceviche Mixto Ahumado 

 Fresh fish, Smoked Calamari, octopus, shrimp, in rocoto Tiger milk, 

caramelized sweet potato, choclo, cancha, and cilantro. 


Pachamanca de Cordero

New Zealand lamp Chop,  Huacatay, marinate, served 

with Peruvian potatoes,  fava,  plantain, sweet potato, Qapchi serrano ‘from my mother

             Dessert samples

  Lucuma ice Cream, Peruvian Flan, chocolate mousse, and strawberries.

The Wine and Alcohol drinks

Our Restaurant offers the BYOB

a concept where you bring the wine of your choice.

We also recommend bringing Peruvian Pisco

and we will prepare our delicious Pisco Sour.



Puerto 511 tasting menu experience typically lasts 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Wine or beer service charge (P/P) $  3..50

Pisco sour service Per glass $ 3..00

A 20% Service Charge will be added to parties of six(6) or more 

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