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A port is a place of gathering for people from different places and cultures. It where the blend of aromas, flavors ,textures and sounds bring memories of my hometown Puerto Callao


Our kitchen is casual, with passion and affection of home. We cook with our children's memories. We work with fresh and local products, always caring for their origin, always thinking of that flavor that makes us travel to that unique moment of our lives. and when closing our eyes, take us to our beautiful Peru


Hello everyone, in port 511 we have made some changes in our gastronomic experience we adopted mandatory measures, see below some more ways in which we have changed our service model. Know that we are focusing first and foremost on your safety and ours, but we are committed as always to providing the best Peruvian cuisine in a fun and vibrant environment for you, your friends, and your family.


For those interested in the ultimate in gastronomic intimacy, we now offer the full restaurant for private parties of all sizes.


Contactless Service – I an effort to minimize contact, we now deliver dishes on trays and ask our guests to remove them. In this way, we reduce the haptic transmission and hovering that occurs with a more traditional style of service. In addition, water is now placed on each table and the cutlery for each of the dishes comes sanitized and on a roll.


Fewer People Means Less Risk - Just like when the restaurant was conceived, our entire service, kitchen, and cleaning team is made up of very few people.


Strong Air Flow - One of the benefits of having an open kitchen is that our hood and make-up air system constantly remove and replace the air in the restaurant. We have also introduced plants in the dining room and are making modifications to our bathrooms to enhance the guest experience.


Change is probably the only constant, so stay connected with us as we go. Most of all, thank you for your interest and support, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Port 511




102 W Clay St. Baltimore MD 21201

Phone     443-538-9491

                410- 244-8837 


Puerto 511 is very close to a safe and excellent parking lot at a very comfortable price only $6 for the whole night from

6 pm to 12 am

SP Plus Parking Lot

227 N Liberty St, Baltimore, MD 21201

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